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The Quick Essentials of Setting and WorldBuilding: for books, stories, scenes, and screenwriting

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Is your story setting weak? Is it missing convincing elements? Are you having trouble getting started or filling in the details? Maybe you just want to learn more about creating a good setting or need a few ideas.

This booklet presents the elements needed for the creation of setting or worldbuilding. Whether your work is a short story, novel, screenplay, or even a video game, the setting is a very important aspect of the work. Many new authors don’t give setting enough thought and attempt to improvise it as they write. Sometimes this results in inconsistencies noticed by the reader or a setting that is much like a cardboard background. Show me more now.

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101 Werewolf Jokes: PLUS Over 160 Classic Riddles for kids

101 Werewolf jokes – This book is clean humor. It is suitable for young children, grandchildren, grade school children, and junior high students, (and even for some middle age men). It is good for a few chuckles at any age. Free on Kindle Select.

Once you finished the werewolf jokes, there is a free classic riddle section with timeless classic riddles of the past that are, still circulating today, and will for many years to come. Finally, there is a quick little section of werewolf history and werewolf trivia only a few pages long. Great for Halloween! Show me more…

Sometimes Love Doesn’t

Published at Short Fiction Break, September 2017 Short Story Contest. The theme was love and autumn, with a 1500 word limit.


The Social Reform Candidate

A steampunk like short story exploring the darker hidden motives and attitudes of social and political reformers in an alternative historical timeline…