Hellfire & Stratton: A Fool’s Game

Hellfire and Stratton is an upcoming book, By Paul Nieto. The expected publishing date is early 2023.

It’s 1894. Randy Hellfire, one of the founders of the United States Secret Service takes an early departure to move to his hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana. From there, Hellfire and his band of handpicked misfits fight crime, corruption, injustice, treachery, and treason whenever needed and cause lots of ruckus along the way.

Picture of Hellfire & Stratton book cover


Genre: Historical/Action/Pulp Fiction/Dime Novels

Hellfire’s Group and Their Specialties:

Randy Hellfire – Early retired founding member of the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Secret Service.

Bradford Stratton – Time traveler from 2017, got caught in the 1890s. Medicine, Psychology, Mechanical Engineering.

Benjamin “Moose” Sterling – Served with Stratton in the War Between the States. Electricity and Electromagnetism.

Thorton Leer – Met Bradford Stratton in London and introduced him to Randy Hellfire. Mechanical Engineering, Rocket Propulsion.

Winston Scott – Former criminal turned good. Recruited by Randy Hellfire in exchange for dropped Federal charges. Chemistry, sabotage, blackmail, fraud, and has a degree in law.

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