Finding a Writer’s Group

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The Write Practice

Short story Contests – Four per year, Flash Fiction, up to 1500 words.

Writer’s Workshop – Workshop your story. Receive critiques for your submission from other writers and give critiques in exchange


From the website: “Scribophile is famous for the detailed and helpful critiques our members exchange. The critiques you’ll get are so much more than just a pat on the back—you’ll get actionable ways to improve your writing.”


Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Horror – part of (See Below).

The Critique .org network has a workshop for more than just writing. Either go to the main site or click on something in the list below.

Critters — SF/Fantasy/Horror Writing
Mainstream and Literary Fiction
Mystery, Thriller, and Adventure Writing
Non-Fiction Writing
Script, Screenplay, and Stageplay Writing
Kids Books
Comics, Graphic novels, Manga, etc.
Western Fiction Writing
Romance Writing
Adult Fiction
Video and Film
Music and Audio
Art, Painting, Drawing, etc.
Apps, Software, Games, etc.
Website Design
Testing and Experimenting